Alternative Horizons

Alternative Horizons (AH) is a community based domestic violence advocacy agency serving La Plata and San Juan Counties since 1978. AH’s services include 24/7/365 hotline; criminal court accompaniment and advocacy; civil legal services in cases of divorce, allocation of parental rights, child support, and protection orders; individual and group counseling and 5) multicultural outreach to marginalized survivors.

24-Hour Hotline 970-247-9619

Office 970-247-4374

How the money will be used

UWSWC supports AH’s Bridges of Hope Legal Project. Unmet needs for assistance in navigating the legal system is the primary reason survivors of domestic violence do not leave abusive relationships. The Bridges of Hope Legal Project provides legal advocacy and court accompaniment to survivors after a perpetrator has been arrested for domestic violence and may also provide civil legal assistance in cases of civil protection orders, dissolution of marriage, and allocation of parental rights. 

How will it make a difference

In order for survivors of domestic violence to truly establish long-term safety, stability, and autonomy for themselves and their children, they need realistic alternatives to their abusive marriages and relationships. The Bridges of Hope Legal Project offers these alternatives. The legal project assists survivors in actively participating in the criminal justice system and aids them in understanding their rights and options through providing criminal court accompaniment, advocacy, information, and referral. The civil component of the legal project provides genuine alternatives to abusive relationships through civil legal assistance with protection orders, allocation of parental rights, and dissolution of marriage proceedings. The legal project, through access to the criminal and civil court system, empowers survivors to regain control over their rights, decisions and life circumstances. Survivors recover decision-making power and create a safe home for themselves and their children. 

What we accomplished over this past year

From January through December of 2019, Alternative Horizons provided comprehensive support and advocacy services to a total of 456 unduplicated survivors of domestic violence and their children. The Bridges of Hope Legal Project provided criminal court accompaniment and advocacy to 129 survivors and civil legal assistance to 96 survivors.