Anti-racism Statement

adopted by United Way Board 9/9/2020 

United Way of Southwest Colorado’s (UWSWC) mission is to fight for the education, health, and financial stability of every person in every community. We believe our society has an additional obligation to work to remove barriers and provide support for Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC). We acknowledge that this cannot be achieved without addressing systemic and institutional racism. Therefore, UWSWC supports concrete changes in policy addressing and eliminating such racism that exists in the justice system and in all institutions to reduce risk to the lives and livelihoods of BIPOC. 

UWSWC is working to educate our staff and board members, about unconscious and unintentional bias while prioritizing equity in our decision making to affect change both within and beyond our organization. We ask our partners and all those who receive this message to join us in this work and help us hold our society, our institutions, and ourselves accountable.