Who is CEAC?

CEAC is a collaborative multi-agency effort aimed at providing one-time, emergency assistance to individuals or families facing financial crisis. Housing Solutions for the Southwest serves as the administrative agency for CEAC and provides counseling to every applicant. Funding agencies and committee members include the United Way of Southwest Colorado, La Plata County Department of Human Services, La Plata Electric Round-up Foundation, Volunteers of America, Salvation Army Durango Area Service Unit, and donors from the local community.

What We Do:

CEAC provides one-time emergency financial assistance to persons who are usually self-sufficient, but are unable to meet urgent payment for rent, utility bills, car repair, medical travel, dentures, childcare, and similar needs. CEAC provides a single entry point for applicants, eliminating duplicate aid by funding agencies. Every applicant is counseled on local resources, housing costs, and budgeting as part of the application process.

Who We Help:

Applicants must be a resident of La Plata or San Juan County. CEAC provided emergency financial assistance to 224 families in 2018.

How Does Someone Apply?

Call Housing Solutions at 970-259-1086 to make a counseling appointment and complete a CEAC application.

How Does CEAC Pay the Bills?

CEAC does not send payment directly to an applicant. We work with landlords, car repair shops, and other vendors to make direct payments to these businesses.

How Much May Be Applied For?

CEAC limits requests to $1,000 or less. If a portion of a bill has already been paid, proof will need to be provided.

What Can Be Applied For?

Assistance for past due rent, emergency car repairs, insurance, childcare, and medical travel, to name a few. Other items may be applied for and considered, however, CEAC does not pay medical bills.

How Does CEAC Decide Who Gets Assistance?

The CEAC committee meets every Friday to review applications. We understand that each situation is unique and consider income, expenses, amount owed, as well as plans for future self-sufficiency in our decision making process. The CEAC program has limited funds and, unfortunately, we are not always able to help every deserving applicant. Your contribution to CEAC allows us to assist more families in times of crisis.

How Can I Help?

Refer those facing crisis to CEAC through Housing Solutions and share information about the program. CEAC was able to assist 68% of applicants, awarding over $167,888 in funds in 2018. Your contribution allows us to improve that percentage and help families remain self-sufficient in times of crisis.

Mail Contributions To:

CEAC Community Fund
C/O United Way of Southwest Colorado
P.O. Box 3040, Durango, CO 81302