Conservation Legacy

Conservation Legacy (CL) supports local programming across the nation. The Durango based Southwest Conservation Corps, a program of CL, offers paid conservation opportunities for high school students from the Four Corners region. Students learn skills such as teamwork, communication, leadership, work ethic and the importance of community service.


How the money will be used

Money donated to the Southwest Conservation Corps’ will support the youth program’s expenses and ensure high quality programming is available to the local youth in our region. With competitive pay, these opportunities are an alternative summer job option that promotes a healthy lifestyle, challenges members physically and mentally, and provides experiential education opportunities that youth can carry with them long after they leave the program.

How will it make a difference

Southwest Conservation Corps’ Youth Program empowers individuals to positively impact their lives, their community and the environment. While performing hands-on conservation projects on our public lands, youth walk away with skills and experiences that are transferrable to the rest of their lives. Of the youth who completed our end of season survey, 92% of members felt they made a positive impact on the lands they were serving. 93% stated their service provided them with training and skills beneficial for employment or future opportunities. 98% of respondents would recommend this program to a friend.  Members stated: “I learned to be strong and confident. I also learned to communicate and make new relationships;” “[I learned] how to speak up and take charge in tasks;” and “I learned how to trust others and to be more empathic.”

What we accomplished over this past year

In 2019, The Four Corners Youth Program hired upwards of 60 local youth in camping crew, day crew and internship positions. These youth put in over 8,600 hours of conservation project work, restored or improved 163 acres of public land and maintained or constructed 15 miles of trails in our region, along with a plethora of other projects.