Four Corners Child Advocacy Center

The mission of Four Corners Child Advocacy Center is to strengthen our community’s response to child abuse and neglect through prevention, intervention, education and advocacy. The Advocacy Center provides a safe, child-friendly environment that eases the emotional trauma experienced by children during the investigation and prosecution of child abuse cases. The Four Corners Child Advocacy Center has been serving child victims of abuse and their non-offending family members since 1992.

(970) 565-8155

How the money will be used

Your generous support will be used to continue to support children heal from child abuse.

How will it make a difference

Donations help cover trauma assessments, community trainings, continued support through COVID adjustments. 

What we accomplished over this past year

In 2020, we have seen an increase in the need for our services. Some children were truly not “safer at home” through this pandemic and are now receiving the services they need to heal from witnessing domestic violence, recovering from neglect, or healing from physical or sexual abuse. As children return to school and spend time with their safety network, we believe the need for our services will continue to increase.