Get Kids to their Graduation Days

Support High School Retention Programs

Over 500,000 kids will drop out of high school in the United States this year alone. This number is unacceptable. We as a community need to step up our efforts to ensure that all kids get the chance to graduate.

Did you know that 30% of high school dropouts between the ages of 16 and 24 are unemployed? Or that the median earnings of a high school dropout ($28,756) is nearly half of that of someone with a bachelor’s degree ($62,296). Time and time again, getting an education is the proven stepping stone to success in life.

United Way of Southwest Colorado is teaming up with partners in our community to identify youth at a younger age who are more at risk for dropping out. Kids don’t just decide one day to leave school. It builds up over time. We support programs that step in early to ensure success down the line.

In elementary school, we provide wrap-around supports to remove barriers to learning (e.g. dental and vision screenings, parent engagement) and help students read and write at grade level or above to build foundational support for education.

In middle school, we connect students to afterschool and summer programs, academic supports like tutoring, and enriching activities like STEM that help them see the relevance of school to future careers and keep them on track and engaged.

In high school, we support mentorships, college and career readiness initiatives, and connect youth to jobs so young people can explore areas of interest and have experiences that prepare them for college and work.

Your support today will go directly into programs that encourage educators, mentors, parents, coaches and support staff to focus on ensuring that every student in their care has the same opportunities to get their high school diploma and pursue post-secondary education or the career path of their choice.


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