La Plata Family Centers Coalition

For over 35 years, The La Plata Family Centers Coalition, a grassroots organization,  has listened and responded to the social, emotional, educational and economic needs of families of all backgrounds in our communities. LPFCC is committed to creating a connected community through education, concrete resources, navigation and positive relationship building.


How the money will be used

Some examples of what your investment will support:

  • $10.00 – $ 200.00   Ongoing provision of concrete resources: non-perishable food items, household supplies, diapers, clothes & personal items
  • $ 25.00 Child’s activity kit: created by us, these include an educational game, puzzle and age level book
  • $ 50.00 Turkey Basket: full Thanksgiving dinner with all the “fixings” plus a roasting pan
  • $ 200.00  75 sqft Garden Box at Giving Garden: includes all gardening supplies and cost for a season 
  • $ 200.00 Parenting Workshops: Potty Training, Non-Violent Communication for Teens, Love & Logic and Couple’s relationships Skills
  • $ 300.00 New Baby Package: car seat, diapers, clothes, blankets

How will it make a difference

Many center families experience multi-generational poverty exacerbated by the area’s high cost of living and low/stagnant wages. 65.7% of families who reported their income on the Center’s intake make less than $25,000 per year and due to COVID-19, fewer families now have a job. We believe that by providing Family Support Services, navigation, home visiting, resource, and referral, Parents Group Connections, and offering opportunities for community members to join our team through our Parent Leader Network, we are bridging the Health Equity gap and making a significant difference for low-income families.  

Your investment will allow us to continue service provision for vulnerable community members while advancing our shared goals towards equity and sustainability for underserved populations.

What we accomplished over this past year

Last year the La Plata Family Center provided 11,700 basic need services to 426 unduplicated families and 817 unduplicated individuals.  When COVID-19 began, LPFCC quickly adapted in order to remain open, coordinate supply deliveries and serve our community distributing over 8,400 ready meals and $33,000 dollars in emergency assistance.