La Plata Youth Services

LPYS works with diverse, in-need youth and families in La Plata County. We provide services to youth, families, victims of juvenile crime, law enforcement agencies, the courts, school districts, and the community.

 (970) 385-4440

How the money will be used

To further our mission and to support our continued efforts to grow the prevention and early intervention services we provide.

How will it make a difference

LPYS’ vision is ALL youth in La Plata County are empowered and have the resources they need to engage positively in their community. Our programs and services are geared toward improving supports and resources for youth, increasing assets and protective factors for youth, and reducing the number of youth who enter the juvenile justice system. 

What we accomplished over this past year

In 2019-2020, LPYS reached approx. 700 youth through mentoring, summer programs, school-based behavioral health and restorative services, and Diversion. At LPYS, we continue to focus our efforts on programming that allows us to reach more youth with the services they need to make positive changes in their lives and work with our juvenile justice partners to transform the entire continuum to be more proactive, providing earlier-intervention and support to low-level juvenile offenders, saving tax payers thousands of dollars, and keeping a great number of our youth
out of the juvenile justice system.