Rise Above Violence

You can be certain that your support will allow 400 victims of violence each year to have immediate access to an advocate 24-hours a day.


Call Us 24 hours a day at (970) 264-9075
All calls are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL!

Business (970) 264-1129

How the money will be used

  • $10 covers the cost of 1 hotline call
  • $50 pays for emergency food for a family
  • $100 pays for 1 night of emergency shelter for a family
  • $300 helps provide three sessions of individual therapy for 1 survivor 
  • $1000 pays for Youth Prevention Programming for one school year

How will it make a difference

Your donation ensures that a hotline call will always be answered, a family in crisis will always find safety, and a survivor can begin their healing journey.  You can be certain that your support will allow 400 victims of violence each year to have immediate access to an advocate 24-hours a day.  That each can receive counseling, legal support, and assistance with rent and utilities.  You can ensure survivors fully understand, engage and exercise their rights through civil and criminal justice advocacy.  And you can participate in ending the cycles of violence through supporting over 900 students receiving valuable education on keeping themselves and their peers safe through our youth violence prevention programs and awareness building campaigns.

What we accomplished over this past year

Historically during times of natural or world-wide crisis such as natural disasters, wars, and pandemics, domestic and sexual violence escalated.  COVID-19 has been no different.  Rise Above Violence has seen an overall 60% increase in support and advocacy services, at times spiking to nearly 90% as compared to this time last year.  Our hotline has seen a 55% increase, and counseling calls during April and May nearly tripled.  Rise was prepared for these increases, implementing creative mechanisms to alleviate isolation and ensure accessibility.  Rise implemented telecounseling to provide face-to-face video counseling.  We included an online chat option on our website.  And, we have conducted robust volunteer recruitment drives to increase the number of advocates available to answer the increasing call volume of our hotline. Rise Above Violence is not deterred nor altered in our commitment to fully serve our clients despite any obstacle.