The ARC of Southwest Colorado

The Arc of Southwest Colorado The Arc of Southwest Colorado, a chapter of the Arc of the U.S. and the 11th out of 14 chapters in the state of Colorado was incorporated in November 2014. The Arc of Southwest Colorado provides advocacy services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in La Plata, Montezuma, San Juan, Dolores and Archuleta counties in Southwest Colorado. 

Phone: (970) 422-227


The Arc of Southwest Colorado believes that all people deserve to work and learn in the communities where they live. We believe that all people, with or without disabilities, have inherent value with innate strengths and are equal before the law. 

How the money will be used

The Arc of Southwest Colorado is so grateful to the United Way for their support of our advocacy programming which consists of Education Advocacy, advocating for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) in the public schools and Adult Advocacy, providing more social and educational opportunities in the community for adults living with I/DD. 

How will it make a difference

The objective of this work is to assist schools and the community with becoming more inclusive, which makes a difference because it allows individuals with all different special needs become more directly involved in the community we share. 

What we accomplished over this past year

Last year our Advocacy Programming worked with 121 students providing Education Advocacy. Here is a breakdown from counties. 

Archuleta County-2 

Dolores County-8 

La Plata County-49 

Montezuma County-62 


15-assisted with facilitating the 504 process 

51-assited with ensuring IEP is being followed-this includes disciplinary issues 

13-assisted family with facilitating an education evaluation that resulted in an IEP 

42-assisted family with overall IEP process 

Last year our Adult Advocacy: 

· Sponsored Game Day weekly so individuals with and without Intellectual and Developmental disabilities could gather for two hours each week to play games together. 

· Created a Speaking for Ourselves Group and 7 members attended The Legislative Luncheon for I/DD Day in Denver. This inspired them to create a local luncheon in 2021.